• Shalema M.

    "After dealing with 2 other plumbing companies to find a gas leak, finally Local Water Heater and plumbing was able to identify the problem. It was a difficult job, but the professionalism of the company and thorough walkthrough and efficiency of there job was excellent!"

  • Ajay W.

    "I can't thank Angel enough for saving the day. Called at 6 pm after another company brought the wrong replacement water heater. That is after I waited the whole day. Angel asked to send the pictures of current heater with model number and gave me quote within 5 minutes after that. He was at my house at 8.10 am and completed the job within two hours. I am a big FAN! "

  • Margaret D.

    "We are extremely happy to have found Local Water Heater and Angel on Yelp. After returning home from our 50th anniversary trip, we found our water heater had been slowly leaking. We needed someone as soon as possible to replace the unit and stop the damage. We had a large anniversary party scheduled at our house on the following Sunday. Angel answered our first call immediately (and subsequent calls). Upon hearing of our problem, he rearranged his schedule to help us out. We feel very fortunate to have found Angel and have our water heater quickly replaced with a quality unit and in time for the party for a reasonable fixed price. Angel recommended a water restoration company that also had excellent Yelp reviews. They were also very helpful and fast to respond. "

  • Pavan K. K.

    "Angel came to our home to help us install a gas line in our kitchen. We had an incredible experience. Angel was able gave us a very reasonable estimate taking the time out to explain to us exactly what needed to be done. He also came by a second time and walked though our project with our city inspector who let us know how lucky we were to have found someone as skilled and knowledgeable as Angel. Highly highly recommend, thank you! :)"

  • Doug D.

    "I will use and recommend to any one Angel and Local Water Hester and Plumbing. He is a perfect example of what customer service and expertise is all about. We had a small emergency, he was out with in an hour and solved the problem! No stress no worries. Thanks Angel your awesome!! "

  • Vineet S.

    "My water heater broke down a few weeks back. It was installed in the house in 2004 and it was not surprising that it stopped working. I called a few folks to give me a quote on the broken heater. Couple of experiences were not good. The third vendor pointed out that both my inlet and outlet to the heater were GI pipes and they were rusted. So he will have to cut the dry wall and replace the entire rusted GI piping. So I asked him to give me an estimate for the entire house repipe. After he was gone, I looked up Angel on yelp. He had excellent reviews. And I was pleasantly surprised when I met him. He was very professional, came at his promised time, spent 15-20 minutes under the house analyzing everything. He told me that repipe is in order as most of the GI pipes are rusted badly. After comparing quotes from vendors, I finally ended up giving drainage repipe, mainline repipe and water repipe all to Angel. He arrived at his designated time with his team and all the work, including the dry wall patch was done in 2.5 days flat. The team was very professional and courteous and worked the house at amazing pace. Overall I was very happy with the experience. My entire house is repiped internally and everything is working great. Thanks to Angel."

  • Nambi K.

    "Another 5 star experience with Angel. Provided me FaceTime consultation to show me how to stop the leak while he was still at another job. Showed up an hour later (5PM Sat) and fixed the leak for a very nominal charge (weekday price). Knows his work well. Friendly service. Stop looking further. Just call Angel. "

  • Moshe N.

    "Called Angel Sunday night after discovering a leak in the heat water tank. He promised to come immediately in the morning and this is exactly what he did. Very quickly he discover the problem and fix it in a very professional way. I am highly recomnding using his service !"

  • Anthony S.

    "Approximately 3 weeks ago the pilot light on my 15 year old water heater went out. After multiple attempts to relight it over a few days I decided to find a plumber who could come out to relight the pilot light and/or repair the water heater. Some of the plumbers were unable to come out right away. Since I had been without hot water for 4 days I was motivated to find one who could out sooner, rather than later. Fortunately, I had contacted Local Water Heater & Plumbing and left a message. Within a couple of hours Angel called me. I explained my situation to Angel. He said he could make repairs and get the water heater working again. However, he advised that I replace the water heater since it was old and the repairs may not last very long. I agreed and decided to replace the water heater. Angel was able to come out the next morning (Saturday) which made me happy so I didn't need to miss work. He took out the old water heater and installed a new one; all within 90 minutes or so. Angel explained how everything worked, and also told me how to maintain the water heater to keep it functioning at peak efficiency. All in all, Angel was very professional, efficient, friendly, and an overall nice guy! I highly recommend him for all your plumbing needs. There was one more piece of advice from Angel. After checking the water pressure he recommended that I replace the main water line pressure regulating valve as it was also 15 years old. He said it would be easy for me to do it myself, but he would come out and quickly replace it if I preferred that. Due to my procrastination I haven't replaced the valve yet. :) A note: My old water heater came with a 12 year warranty. The new water heater came with just a 6 year warranty. I'm guessing that like many things these days water heaters don't last as long as they used to. Such is life!"

  • Ingrid O.

    "Angel was extremely helpful in repairing a clogged sink, in one of our upstairs bathrooms. He answered the phone right away when i gave him a call last night, I was able to explain to him the problem, for which he gave me a very reasonable quote right away. He even went as far to fit an appointment in between appointments he already had booked; he gave me and hour window of when he would arrive, and he arrived with in that window!! He got the job done in great time and even left no mess. I will definitely be recommending Angel to anyone who needs a plumber. "

  • Srini T.

    "Angel helped do the following at our house: 1. Repiping across the whole house - using copper pipes 2. Extending my gas line to convert our electric range to gas range. All of this he did with permits from the city - and everything passed the city's inspection. I was there when the city inspector came for inspection. Angel and his crew did a good job and we've had no problems with either our pipes or gas line to our gas range these past 9 months"

  • Sam W.

    "When our water heater pilot stopped working, Local Water Heater and Plumbing was the only business that said they could come out that weekend and provided a reasonable quote. Angel asked if our water heater was under warranty and was able to get the parts we needed for free. He got the hot water working quickly and restored our modern day lifestyle. Unfortunately one of the new parts broke within weeks of replacing it. Angel came back out the same day and replaced it at no cost. He even followed up the next day to make sure things were still running properly. I added Angel and Local Water Heaters and Plumbing to my contacts. "

  • Keerti G.

    "Angel is a real angel. Our water heater started leaking suddenly and we were out of hot water and the garage had started flooding. He came within half an hours notice around 8 pm. He fixed everything and then also helped us with the inspection. Highly recommend for his knowledge and sweet nature. "

  • Jett V.

    "I was referred to Angel by another plumber who was not able to accommodate my situation. I came home one afternoon and there's water leak in our garage. I live in a condominium and there's another unit above our garage. Angel sent his brother Adrian to my house. Within an hour, Adrian arrive and I showed him the problem. We had to prove the water leak is coming from the Unit above our garage. We tried talking to the neighbors to check if they have any water leaking inside their unit so we can avoid opening the garage ceiling . Unfortunately, the unit above our garage did not tell us before we cut the ceiling. They told us later their bathroom flooded early that day when someone left the bathroom faucet running and water overflowed from the plugged sink. Adrian saved me from costly repair. I sent the invoice to our HOA so they can charge the owner of the unit upstairs. "

  • Amber T

    "Angel the owner responded to my message quickly and gave a very reasonable quote. He was on time and finished the new water heater installation in an hour. Definitely recommend his services!! "

  • Jean Y.

    "Angel Ramos is the best! He fixed my main water line leak in less than a day which was a lot of hard work, especially due to all the trees roots encountered while digging the trench. Angel worked efficiently, meticulously, cleaned up the area beautifully, and charged very reasonably. When the water line task was done, I asked about my frozen washing machine valves, and he replaced them with no extra charge. Later that evening, when I entered the garage, I smelled gas so I bothered Angel again, and he came right over. Because I had fiddled in the back of the dryer earlier in the day, I caused something in the dryer gas line to leak gas. Angel quickly replaced the gas line connections to the dryer and fixed the gas leak. When I ask how much the fee was to fix the gas leak, he said "no charge". When I insisted on paying Angel, he declined. I couldn't believe it. I can't say enough about the excellent service Angel provided. He's truly a wonderful plumber and person with a good heart. Thank you so much, Angel!"

  • Ivan L.

    "Angel is not only very helpful but also honest. He is willing to spend time explaining the options and why he recommends one over the others. Above all, Angel even came back a week after the job to give me free advise. So, I hired him for a gas line job and he did it well. I also did some other plumbing work on my own which failed inspection. When I called him about my own plumbing, he promptly came over and spent a good 45 minutes inspecting all the plumbing and walking me through things that need to be fixed and how to fix them. When I offered to pay him for his time right away and a new contract to fix them, he refused the money and say I am almost there so I should just finish it myself. He even offered to come back again (for free) after I finished fixing it to make sure I know how to setup for the inspector. I didn't ended up asking him back before the inspection as his explanations are comprehensive enough already. I am pleased to say that I passed the reinspection thanks to Angel. The inspector actually questioned me on a few places Angel said they might, and Angel's suggested responses successfully satisfied the inspector - every single time. Remember, Angel anticipated the questions while imagining how I could fix it. That shows his experience and is very impressive. Now back to the gas line job he did. I got 3 quotes for adding a gas line for a new dryer location. One offered to add a branch from the existing gas line after looking at it for like 5 minutes. A second one took a closer look and say they won't touch the existing gas line and will run full length dedicated from the meter. Angel's one is actually the most expensive because he suggested to replace the whole gas line. He also explained the other options and why he wouldn't recommend them. I decided to go with Angel because two vendors told me the existing gas line is not up to code and likely will fail inspections/leak if touched, and the extra cost is worth it given I have a very long line from meter to the appliances. The piping was done very nicely - how it was routed in the crawl space and nicely avoided the foundation and supports and still mostly one straight pipe that leads to the needed locations. Clean and nice. Overall, I am very satisfied for the service and work being done even paying the highest quote. Highly recommended. "

  • John S B.

    "Returned from vacation to leaking water heater. :( My wife found Ángel via Yelp search. I called him and he was at our house within half an hour. Sized up the situation and gave us a fair price. Left immediately and returned shortly with new water heater. Installed in about 45 minutes. High quality work. Friendly, fast, honest, and easy to work with. Excellent experience overall! "

  • Jeffrey L.

    "Angel helped me install a new tankless water heater 1 week ago when my old water heater started leaking. He was extremely responsive to my inquiry and was reasonable with regards to price, timing, and expectations. He won the bid out of maybe 5 other vendors in the area due to fair pricing. However, what really made him outstanding was his quick, yet accurate installation. You can tell his precision and skills came from years of experience. I will definitely be calling him back when time comes. Thanks Angel!"

  • Surbhi D.

    "Our water heater stopped working. Diagnosis was replacement of water heater. After taking a few quotes around and checking reviews on yelp finalized on Angel. Great response time and excellent service. Also the quote was better than others. I will highly recommend Local Water Heaters and Plumbing. It has taken me a while to post my review but Angel deserves one. He was very helpful to take down our old heater, drove it back to Home Depot as it was still in extended warranty and helped buy the new one. Also was very patient to wait in line as return and check out took some time. All this within the quoted price. Great service, thanks Angel. "

  • "I had issue of kitchen Tap Replacement & see lots of lots of water leakage under my kitchen sink. They come & help us to solve your issue asap. Now i did not see issue anymore. I am really very happy for wonderful service at affordable service. Now I will call same service for my any home service related to Plumbing. You are best. Keep the good work."

  • "Late night emergency plumbing service. Great price. Fast and well done job. Not much more you can ask for. I will definitely call Angel first for any future plumbing problem."

  • "Angel was able to come out right away for replacing my leaky water heater. Very professional and very knowledgeable. Will definitely call him again for any plumbing or water heater problems in the future."

  • "High-quality workmanship, extremely reasonable rates, and use of high-quality parts - these guys are the real deal, good business people, and very conscientious about their work and ensuring customer satisfaction. Also easy to work with - they can give you a quote over the phone (or text) so long as they have a couple/few pics of the job to assess overall scope. Even better, they give you a narrow time window of when they'll arrive on the job (not a "we'll be there between 8am and 8pm") - And they show up exactly when they say, which is super helpful for busy people to help rearrange their day. I've done a lot of my own plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work, so I know how to assess cost and quality (both workmanship and parts). I've dealt with many contractors, and many (perhaps most) try to maximize profits by cutting corners, using low-quality parts, or trying to take advantage of homeowners' lack of knowledge (or tools). Not these guys - I don't think the work they did on my home is any different than the work they'd do on their own. And they were honest and up front about exactly what they were going to do, how they would do it, what it would look like when complete (using pics of earlier jobs), the parts they were going to use, and how much it would cost. Was a great experience - I will call these guys from now on without question. They are as good as it gets!"